Jubilee Street Practice

Undergraduate training

Jubilee Street Practice continued its long history of helping to shape the doctors of the future by teaching undergraduate medical students this year. We are an approved teaching practice for Barts and the London School of Medicine and this year provided teaching to second, fourth and fifth year students, as well as teaching fifth year students from Kings College School of Medicine.
Dr. Emma Ovink is now the lead general practitioner for undergraduate teaching at Jubilee Street, having completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice at Queen Mary, University of London. However many if not all members of the practice team are involved in teaching students, including GPs, nurses, health visitors, and district nurses, and we hope through this that students achieve a greater and more thorough understanding of General Practice.

Postgraduate training

The Jubilee Street Practice continues to be a training practice since 1976. The Practice provides training for Junior Doctors who are recently qualified but do not as yet have Specialist Training. Currently, we have three trainers in the Practice. They are Dr. Nicola Hagdrup, Dr. Jens Ruhbach and Dr. Salma Ahmed as trainers for the Specialist Training Program. Dr. Emma Ovink provides training for foundation year training junior doctors. We have been delighted with the Junior Doctors that we teach and are proud that many have gone on to be GP’s in the local area. Our teaching involves consultation skills, as well as tutorials from different team members on dealing with different medical conditions, ethical dilemmas and administrative and political topics. In recognition of our teaching, we are delighted to say we came second to the Elizabeth Paice Teaching Award amongst London GP training practices in 2012.


Jubilee Street Practice continues to be involved in local research as an RCGP research interested practice. Dr. Salma Ahmed continues to vet research proposals which arrive at the practice. Out of principle we do not collaborate with specific named drug company sponsored research requests. Our aim is to be involved with projects that directly or indirectly help the local population.
Our current involvement includes:

Dr. Tom Margham worked at length with Arthritis Research UK. Through those links he recruited patients to a study being run by Southampton University looking into patient education for patients with low literacy levels who have arthritis. Patients with gout were recruited to talk about their experiences of living with gout – this resource is now live at healthtalkonline.org.

Virginia Patania, our very own Transformation Partner, authored a food blog earning excellent reviews. The blog is composed of every single food item which she consumed over the course of one year and the stories behind each one of them. The blog is featured on Blog Spot, aptly named, ‘Eating the Year’: 365 Days, 1964 Photos…

Continued professional development

Our GPs are constantly keeping up to date with new research and medical developments. The Practice runs successful bi-monthly Protected Learning Times, which keep all members of clinical staff up to date with clinical issues and current audits. We work in a network with other Practices, and attend external educational meetings within the network or promoted by our Primary Care Trust.

Staff training

Our non-clinical staff also benefits from regular Protected Learning Times, where issues ranging from Customer Services to the administration of new clinical services are covered. Staff also benefits from the development of a personal development plan, progress on which is reviewed annually.

Registrar’s report

I am one of the GP trainees at Jubilee Street Practice (JSP). I am 6 months into an 8 month post here. The ethos here at JSP is second to none! Everybody is driven to provide the best service possible and the atmosphere is such a friendly and inspiring one. Furthermore there is a never ending drive to explore new ideas and innovate at any opportunity. Every single member of staff is a pleasure to work with especially my own supervisor Dr. Salma Ahmed who is always on hand to teach and support me whenever I need it. This alongside the wonderfully diverse patient population makes JSP a pleasure to work at. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here!

Melvyn Adjei


  • Mental Health Crisis

    If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you can call the Tower Hamlets 24 hour Crisis Line number on 0207 771 5807

    Callers will be able to speak to a mental health professional.

  • Walk-in Centre services is changing


    From the 1st of August 2018 – St Andrews and Barkantine walk-in-centres will no longer provide a walk-in-service. Instead if your surgery is closed over the weekend or the evening and it is not an emergency then please call NHS 111 for urgent matters. If your query is not urgent you may wish to use our online consultation by clicking here. For more information on the NHS 11 service please have a look at the leaflets below:

    Tower Hamlets Walk-in Centre service is changing - Leaflet

    Tower Hamlets Walk-in Centre service is changing - Flyer

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went live on 25th May 2018.

    At The Jubilee Street Practice, we send you texts and emails to remind you of your appointments, tell you about your normal test results, and invite you to participation groups or self-care initiatives. We feel this is important and part of our job looking after your health, and we take our obligation to manage your information very seriously. We do not and never will share or use your contact details for marketing or commercial purposes. Ever. But if you still feel uncomfortable allowing us to contact you for health purposes, please let our admin staff or your GP know, and we will make sure we respect your wishes.


  • See an NHS GP for free 24/7!

    Some of you may have seen advertisements for a service encouraging you to register with a GP practice on an app. We feel it is important you understand some of the issues with this advertised service and that this not in partnership with Jubilee Street Practice or endorsed by us.

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  • Rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission

    We are delighted to share that the practice has recently been rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC came to inspect us in July, and looked at things such as how safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well led we are.

    Some of the areas that were mentioned in the report highlight our leadership structure, our engagement with external organizations, how we handle our staff appraisals, good management of significant events and of risk to our patients, our access, the information we provide patients, and our compliance with duty of candour. Patient feedback was looked at carefully, and several patients were spoken to by the inspectors. We were proud to hear that our patients say they are treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

    This rating has been incredibly energizing and empowering for us as a practice, and as individuals. It speaks volumes around the dedication of our staff, and our alliance with our patients. We know we don’t always get everything right, and we don’t take this “outstanding” for granted. Much more needs to be done, and there are things we can improve. It feels fantastic, however, to be told that we are on the right path. That our hard work and our passion are noticed, especially at a time when so much of the NHS feels that it is in crisis. This is our time to rejoice and celebrate, all while rolling up our sleeves and continuing to face our challenges, old and new. Heartfelt thanks go to every single member of the practice for making this the incredibly special place that it is, and to our loyal, supportive, critically constructive patients and partners. You are outstanding.

    Virginia Patania

    Transformation Partner

  • Flu jab / nasal drops

    If you meet one or more of the below criteria please contact the surgery to book in your flu jab immediately:

    Aged 65 or over

    Age 18 to 64 and in any of the following risk groups:

    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Stroke
    • Respiratory diseas
    • Kidney disease
    • Liver disease
    • Neurological conditions
    • Immunocompromised
    • Main carer of a disabled person
    • Frontline health or social care worker
    • Pregnant woman


    Anyone aged 6 months to 17years, in a risk group will be offered the nasal flu vaccine, in the form of drops.

    All children aged 2, 3 and 4 will be offered the nasal flu drops at the surgery.

    If you have older children in school years 1, 2 and 3, the school nurses will be offering the same vaccine. This is likely to be given at school or in special clinics, but will not be offered at the surgery.

  • Sexual health screening

    Anyone who is sexually active is potentially at risk of catching an STI (sexually transmitted infection). You may not know that you have an infection as these often show no symptoms, and it is important that these infections are picked up and treated because early treatment reduces the chance of developing complications.

    The good news is that getting tested is quick, easy and painless – a urine test for men and a self-taken swab for women. We aim to offer STI screening at many routine appointments, and you can easily get tested by calling the doctor or by booking an appointment with a nurse, you can also email us via Web GP.

    So get tested!

  • Online patient access

    In many ways, online access to your medical records is about convenience. Many patients can already order repeat prescriptions online without leaving the comfort of their sofa, and the prescription can be sent electronically to a chemist near your place of work. Just think how much easier life would be if you could obtain your test results online, or check that your kids’ vaccinations are up-to-date. Online access to medical records can also give better and safer care.

    You can view test results, allergies, medications and your active problems list including information from consultations. If you want you can even grant temporary access to your records to others (e.g. insurance companies, private referrals etc) via a secure link. To get this access to all these features you will be required to provide a photo ID and sign an agreement form at reception, the setup of this feature can take up to 14 days to process.

  • Seven day working – we’re doing it!

    We are part of a new pilot programme to try and improve access to primary care. This means that one of our local practices - East One Health, 14 Deancross Street, London, E1 2QA - will act as a local hub for extended access. There will be appointments offered 18:30-20:00 Monday–Friday, and 8:00-20:00 Saturday and Sunday. This will be a mixture of pre-bdoked appointments with a doctor or nurse which may be booked after speaking to a nurse/doctor at the practice, and some urgent appointment access via the normal GP out of hour’s service.

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    A body called the Health and Social Care Information Centre will soon begin to extract and analyse some patient information that is held securely in GP practices, hospitals and community services. Information will be extracted in a way that protects your identity and will be held in a secure system, its purpose being to improve NHS services. You can read more about this, and about your choice to opt out if you wish, at www.nhs.uk/caredata.

    All appointments with GPs are now being booked by the doctors themselves! We call this Doctor Direct – please visit our Practice News section to learn more.

  • Registering now!

    Our list is open for new patients. Contact our reception on 0207 780 8000 for the next available appointment!

    We Register new patients who fall under the following catchment area:



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